Building the zkSync ecosystem

zkDAO is a decentralized organization dedicated to expanding the zkSync ecosystem through active funding across numerous verticals.

Manifesting the Vision

zkDAO will invest funds in five critical areas of focus to effectively direct efforts, hit milestones, and ultimately propel the zkSync ecosystem forward.

Strategic Capital

The DAO will bolster the ecosystem through strategic funding of various high-impact verticals, up for regular review.

  • Initial funding to cover DeFi, NFTs, games, payments, privacy, interoperability, oracles, data management, data analytics, file storage, DAOs, digital identity, and social
  • May also provide liquidity, depositing, and staking in the future
  • Proceeds perpetually reinvested back into zkDAO


To support the vast framework built around Ethereum, the DAO will focus on funding infrastructure development, and fostering the creation of public goods and tools that benefit the ecosystem.

  • Development of tools to ease the migration from L1 to L2 for both users and developers
  • Supporting public goods creation: RFPs for current and future grants; retroactive prizes for past contributions that have made an impact
  • Fostering creation of zkSync-native tools necessary for synergy with ZK-rollup apps


Funding research in cryptography and engineering to strengthen the resilience, reliability, and efficiency of the ecosystem.


DAO-sponsored workshops and educational events to explore the opportunities and regulatory implications of ZK-rollup-related technologies.


Sponsoring open collaboration between security experts and the community to advance security standards and best practices.

zkDAO is a collab between BitDAO and Matter Labs

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